Black Hat Training Corps



Welcome to Black Hat Training Corps.

At BHTC, we’re shooters first.

Black Hat Training Corps is comprised of a small group of experienced tactical long-range shooters who take long range marksmanship seriously.  Our backgrounds include LE/Military service, and extensive competitive experience. We enjoy practicing our craft, and wish to extend support to others who are interested in maximizing their potential.

We are headquartered in Eastern Pennsylvania and train in a number of locations near to that area.   If you are interested in training further away, we can do that too.  Contact us to discuss.


We offer many types of precision long-range rifle instruction, including:

  • BRM Fundamentals – Basic Rifle Marksmanship
  • ballistic theory
  • ballistic calculator use
  • reticle based range estimation
  • unknown distance shooting to 1000Y or more
  • team operations
  • low light target engagement
  • engagement of snap & moving targets
      Our close and mid-range offerings include:
  • Carbine tactics and deployment
  • CQ environment basics
  • Effective Kalashnikov Deployment
  • Vehicular Operations (in,around, and through)
  • Low light target engagement
  • DMR – Extending the distance of the AR platform for practical applications
  • Deploying US Service person tune-up.
  • We do not sell a canned product. Everything we organize is new, and different, and constantly evolving to exploit new tactics and equipment advancements. BHTC takes pride in our ability to tailor each offering to the particular venue we are teaching at to maximize the learning experience in those conditions. We are also able to design customized packages to LE teams that wish to enhance or freshen their skill set with practical exercises in extended or unknown distance shooting, ranging, wind calling, and movers. We are comfortable working with any rifle platform out there from .223 to .300 Win Mag. Let us know what you’re looking to do, and I’m sure we can get you on your way to a more satisfying long range shooting experience.

    Prepare, train, reinforce.