The members of Black Hat Training Corps

Getting ready to send one in the Mason Dixon Sniper Series

Getting ready to send one in the Mason Dixon Sniper Series


Fred Wissing
Fred served with the New Jersey State Police for 20 years as a Trooper, Detective, Sergeant First Class and Lieutenant, receiving decorations for valor, arrests, and major case investigations. He was detailed to post-katrina New Orleans, LA as part of Operation L.E.A.D. where he led a long gun team. He has served as a firearms instructor, range officer, and has professional experience with the full range of LE firearms.Fred serves as an NRA Certified Instructor in multiple disciplines, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, and rifle program/match director, and was selected to test and professionally evaluate a computerized long-range shooting simulator. 

Mike Erb
Mike has developed an extensive familiarity with long-range precision shooting, and task-oriented handloading. He has worked with calibers from .223 to .50BMG and has experience shooting past 1000Y. He is a talented shooter, and a natural instructor with an uncanny ability to spot mistakes and get them corrected before they become bad habits. Mike also competes successfully in long range comps and genuinely enjoys being behind the gun, or the loading bench. 

Chris Jepson  
Chris is an experienced competitor in pistol, carbine and long range precision. He has many responsibilities at BHTC including safety officer, logistics officer, chaplain, chief of metallurgy & machining. He is an accomplished CNC programmer and has a deep understanding of modern machining operations.

“That last shot would have been GREAT if the target was there….

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