If you are training with us, or are considering doing so, please take a look at the questions we most often receive. Some of these have not been actually asked, but are posted here because they should have been.

“Where do I register for one of your courses?”

Courses are not open for registration until approximately two months beforehand.   The “OPEN COURSES” page lists any courses that are open, and includes registration entry forms for them.

“Can I be notified when a course opens?”

Yes.  Sign up for our contact list (Course Email Signup List), and you will receive an email the same day we open any training course.

“I didn’t get an email when I registered.  Is something wrong?”

No, it’s fine.  No automatic emails are sent with our registration scheme.

“What are the requirements to train with BHTC?”

You must be a U.S. Citizen with an unencumbered right to own and possess a firearm.  We reserve the right to refuse to train anyone for any reason.

“Do I need a rifle to take a course?”

BHTC is a training company only.  We do not buy, sell, loan, or rent firearms or ammunition.  To train with us you must legally own and use your own firearm and ammo.

Why “black hat?”

There is nothing nefarious about the term. Black hats are the instructors in US Army Airborne School. A couple of us coincidentally wore “black hats” and the term just stuck.

“I want to take a course with you guys.  What scope and rifle should I buy?”

Send an email with your phone number.  This is not easily answered because it depends on budget, goals, how serious you are about sticking with this, and what you want to accomplish.  There are great off the shelf rifles out there, and many awesome scopes too, but picking the RIGHT combination of gear is absolutely critical.  Don’t go through this exercise three times.  Do it right the first time.  We have been at this a long time and we know what works and what sucks.

“I am interested in custom work or a specific feature requiring gunsmith expertise. Who do you recommend??”

We have some select top quality smiths in the area we recommend.  Email us.

“My hunting rifle shoots great, why can’t I take a course with it?”

Light field type rifles will not withstand the sort of constant fire that will be demanded of it in a long range rifle course such as ours.  After seeing this fail spectacularly on several occasions we have chosen not to permit them anymore.

“What is your payment and refund policy?”

Each course you register for will be paid for up front in full.  There will be a withdrawal date assigned, which is typically 2-3 weeks prior to the course date.  If you withdraw from the course before that date, you receive a full refund immediately.   Any registration or non-attendance after that date is without any refund or credit.

“I want to attend a clinic, course, or workshop but have doubts about my equipment. How will I know my rifle and scope are “good enough?”

We have worked with several brands of scopes. If you have one of these, and it is mounted using quality rings and bases, it is fine.

  • Leupold (newer ones, not the 1″ tube models)
  • SWFA (the newer ones)
  • Vortex Optics (any)
  • Nightforce
  • Steiner Tactical
  • Hensoldt
  • Zeiss
  • US Optics
  • Nikon Tactical
  • Schmidt & Bender
  • IOR

If it is NOT one of these, and you paid less than $500 for it, there is an extremely high likelihood that it will fail during training with us at long range.  We do not permit students to take a course without a trustworthy scope.  There is nothing that we can do to fix a broken scope and there are no refunds for student equipment failures, even if it is within the first three rounds (yes, it’s happened).

“I’ve heard I can’t use 168gr. bullets in my .308 at long range. What’s the deal?”

You can use them reliably out to 800Y in our experience, but they do not offer good performance against the wind. The bullet will reach the target area, but you will have far greater difficulty placing shots than a shooter with 155’s or 175’s. Unless there is no wind, the 168 is a poor choice for 800-1000Y. Inside of that is fine, provided you can dial the elevation as listed above.

“What scopes do you guys recommend?”

See the list above. You get what you pay for, and your shooting will improve with a quality optic. Don’t make the mistake of mounting a quality optic with cheap discount rings and bases. The companies above also sell bases and rings. We strongly recommend those too, along with any other quality brand. Buy once, cry once. For the price of three junk scopes, you’ll have a VERY GOOD ONE.

“Can you do 1 on 1 introductory level training?”

Sure! Use our contact info and get in touch.

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