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BHTC Student takes 19th out of 245 at Camp Perry Vintage Sniper match


We know him as “Chief” since he is a retired United States Navy Chief.  Once you’ve hung out with him, I guarantee you’ll never be the same again.

The Chief knows how to have fun, but when it’s time to get behind a gun at long range, he’s all business.  He attended two courses of ours, and then took to competitive circuit.  He shoots a lot, and practices even more.

Chief picked up a team mate, and went after the Vintage Sniper match at the nationals, Camp Perry OH.

Shooting a 2x scope on a 30-06 springfield WWII era U.S. Sniper rifle at 300 and 600Y, they pulled a 386-9x out of a possible 400 points, putting them out of first place by only 10 points.

All told, the Chief and his team mate Jeff Browning brought home 19th place out of 245 teams.


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