Black Hat Training Corps

Welcome to Black Hat Training Corps, specializing in long range rifle/countersniper marksmanship and tactical instruction, Carbine/Patrol Rifle, Shotgun, handgun instruction, and force on force across changing environmental, landscape, and lighting conditions.

These are some range and training links that we feel are important, and would like to share with you. – The databook we recommend, use, and furnish to students as part of our precision rifle courses.

Course of Fire and score sheet for the USMC MEU(SOC) Qual course

Course of Fire and score sheet for the NJSP Entry Weapon Qual course

Reade Range, 100-1000Y Rifle Range

New Holland Rifle and Pistol Club, 100-600Y Rifle Range

Mifflin County Sportsmens Association, 100-1000Y Rifle Range

Shooter Ready – A long range rifle shooting simulation

Snipers Hide – Long range shooting website

Mugshot faces for TargetID stages

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The difficulty of tactical maneuvering consists in turning the devious into the direct, and misfortune into gain.
– Sun Tzu.



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