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  • Freddy,
    Just wanted to send you a quick note and thank you for the training class I attended in June.  I was an avid shooter, and pretty good from a bench, but never shot much prone.  At your class, I learned a ton about proper position, trigger control, breathing, and so many other things that I had no clue about.  Well, today I shot my first F-T/R match at New Holland with zero expectations.  I just wanted to shoot in something that counted!  To say I exceeded my expectations is an understatement.  I ended up shooting a 589-19X and winning the F-T/R division.  Guess I need to consider your advanced course next. –Bill AThanks again and straight shooting!
  • Freddy,I just wanted to say thanks for the training and matches that you’ve put on.  I competed in the Lancer Rifle Match over the weekend at Topton and got 2nd place in the Limited class with my SBR using a Trijicon TriPower red dot.  I was competing against guys with serious 3 Gun rigs and was most pleasantly surprised when the results were posted.  We had some shots at 200 yards on steel that were extremely difficult with the sun glare.  Using things I’d learned in your precision and practical matches and classes, I engaged them better than a lot of guys that were using magnified optics in the Tac Ops class.  So once again, thanks for what you and Mike do.  It not only helps in practical applications, it helps in competitive environments as well.  –Jose S
  • There are some instructors who might view the average guy in a class like this with disdain if they aren’t “Tier 1” shooters, but this wasn’t the case here. The class really had a wide range of shooters and equipment. There were guys who were top of their game and others who were fresh out of the box. Freddy and Mike gave equal time to each shooter, regardless of their level of training, and had quite a bit to offer for each one of us.All in all, I would rate these guys an A+ for a basic Tactical Carbine Class and the price was unbeatable.
  • Fargo rocks. He presents material clearly with no bullshit and no swagger. I have taken three classes from him and they have all been excellent. I have no mil or police background and the courses were non threatening. Most people will find something useful in his courses.
  • To the instructors and range guys, thank you.All questions were answered accurately and as precisely as possible. Mike and Steve passed unfiltered information and Ben’s spotting and communication skills are tier 1. Freddy did a good job, it is very difficult to make this training flow with such disparity in shooting skills.The class syllabus was fantastic and the evolutions followed the outline. They were challenging but not overly complicated, all were a learning experience This was an outstanding value and an opportunity to work with experienced shooters one on one. Your class tuition only gets you a spot on the line, the skills are on you to earn. This was a great chance to do that.I will see you soon for the next one and pass the word.Thanks again guys,Steve T.


  • Freddy, Ben, Mike THANKS. The guys from WPD appreciate the hard work. The long range and ranging drills were spot on. We look forward to training with you again.

  • Thanks Freddy, Mike Ben, Steve and Miker for putting on an excellent class and to the folks of Reade Range for the use of the facility. The pace of the course work was spot on and allowed us to get rounds down range and on target very quickly.I really enjoyed the class and learned a great deal about the practical aspects of target shooting. I will highly recommend this class to anyone looking to learn the skills of long range.

  • To all you guys who did the training for this clinic(Freddy,Mike,Ben,Steve,and Miker) you did a great job! I appreciate all the time and energy you put into this as I found it extremely helpful for me. I think a lot of people benefited from this from the various comments I heard, I think it was well organized and a heck of a lot of fun!I would highly suggest this clinic to anyone looking to improve their skills with precision rifle shooting.
    My wife (Paula)who was there for part of the clinic had made the comment that folks who shoot seem to be the friendliest and always eager to help others to better their shooting, I myself have always found that to be true as well.

  • I recently attended the Reade range precision rifle class Sept. 5th and 6th with Lt. Fred Wissing Ret: This class was outstanding the instructors were patient and informative. I would recommend this class for basic instruction and distance shooting. Every question was answered and individual assistance provided for those having difficultiesS. Bodnar, WPD

  • I must say… I learned more this weekend at Reade Range then I have
    learned in the last 8 months. knowing that I can pop steel at 1000
    yards is awesome. Thanks to all of the staff for guiding me in the
    right direction. Rob, Tom B, Vinnie, Tom F, Dan and I already are
    setting a weekend trip up for the next month.

  • Good morning Freddy & Mike,I cannot thank you and the great Reade Range personnel enough. The clinic & shooting was great! I learned a great deal and right off the bat, implemented some of the basic principles that you both taught and saw a marked improvement in my shooting.I had no data on >600 yards but with what you taught me, getting to know how my 5R shoots, by applying what you taught and with the use of data cards I had brought with me, I was able to, on my own, set my D.O.P.E. and get on target at distances from which I had never shot. I really enjoyed the five target, unknown distance drill. It was awesome ranging, recording and dialing for each shot/target. What a sense of accomplishment!! I hit four out of five.
  • Hey LT!I wanted to thank you again for presenting a very informative and engaging course. Though the safety protocols were omnipresent, they did not present any stumbling blocks towards an effective tactical atmosphere. I appreciated and learned from the excellent one-on-one coaching, and my goal of learning something new every day was definitely fulfilled. The disarm procedures that Andy and yourself developed really showcased how necessary it is to maintain some stand-off distance away from any adversary. Andy was an excellent addition to your class.Your candor regarding Police investigation techniques at the close of the class was very refreshing (and nicely sinister.) I am sure that most people do not realize the liberties that Law Enforcement may take in order to arrive at a conclusion.My friends Sean and Rich both related positive feedback to me after the course, and Rich especially was impressed with his ability to engage and destroy targets at 200 yards without magnified optics. He is a neophyte no longer thanks to your curriculum and training.Should you ever feel the need for additional help in the classroom or on the line, I would enthusiastically volunteer. I have current NRA Instructor certifications in Pistol, Rifle, Personal Protection in the Home, and Chief Range Safety Officer. Please do not hesitate to call.Thanks again Fred, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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